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say there's something better

but today, there is a cold moon rising

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Name:sum basterd
Birthdate:Feb 4
Location:Minnesota, United States of America
"Say mister, do you have a name?"
"Yeah, 'Meander.'"
"...What's that mean?"
"It means to worm around kind of leisurely."

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
    -Dr. Seuss

Art by [personal profile] neogeen, used with permission

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african parrots, american civil war, amélie, animal skulls, animals, anti-hype, art, battie, beer, big beefy warrior races, biltong, bloodsports, bones, books, borzoi, cacti, carnivorous, cars, cats, cawheads, chai tea, cheez-its, cheshire cat, cheshires, chris isaak, chumbawamba, cloves, collies, crafts, cyberpunk, daleks, deadwood, death note, death stinger, delusions of grandeur, disc golf, doctor who, dragons, ethnic food, everclear, eyes, faaaabulous las vegas, fantasy, farscape, ffx, firearms, flcl, foo dogs, foreign films, fu dogs, full metal alchemist, geckos, genets, gordon freeman, griffins, guinness, guns, halo, harry potter, head-humping aliens, highlander, hognose snakes, homebrew, house m.d., hypocrisy, ink, internet drama, japanese candy, john prine, kardiophilia, klingons, limes, living dead, maggots, making toys, masochism, mead, meat, monster rancher, monsters, morrowind, motorcycles, mythological beasties, mythology, nice rhacs, nintendo ds, nip/tuck, obsession, octopi, one piece, opals, opossums, orcs, parodies, piercings, pirates, pirates ccg, pixar's cars, pokémon, porn orange, pythons, ranting, rats, reading, reading bad books, renfest, ritual slaughter, robber crabs, roleplaying,, sand cats, scars, sci-fi, scoot, selachophilia, sewing, shark love, sharks, slugs, snakes, sparkledogs, star trek, star wars, sushi, tegus, tf2, the slayers, transmetropolitan, trigun, undead, unique art, valgaav, verg, video games, vnv nation, warrior races, wasabi, weird food, whisky, wine, writing, you, yuuzhan vong, zoids, zombies,
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